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How to make a paracord bottle wrap- half hitches

In this short tutorial I demonstrate how to make a half hitched paracord bottle wrap.

This was one of the first if not the first bottle wrap I ever did. It is very easy to do and has a nice looking, mesh/net like appearance. I used it on a baby bottle and it was the only one that did not break! Thank you paracord :).
This style of hitching can also produce a pouch by simply making it over a larger object, then removing it off the object wrapped.

The web/net look up close:


I have already used the same technique but without the spacing between the hitches to make a paracord lighter wrap. The principle is about the same.

Supplies needed

To make the wrap you will need the following:


The tutorial

The following photo and video tutorial should be all you need to make the wrap. I will at this point also describe the process.

We start by attaching a smaller piece of paracord around the neck of the bottle. I used a cord lock to make the neck easier to close and open. I also finished the ends using celtic button knots.

I attached the working cord onto my lacing needle on one end, the other I attached to the neck cord. The hitches are then lined up onto the neck cord. Once one row is completed, we begin the second onto the first row.

You do not need to worry about tightening the hitches when working, you can do it at the end, by going through all the cord, from top to bottom. To determine the cord required I highly recommend you test a few rows then measure the cords. Depending on the spacing between hitches, as well as the circumference of the bottle, the cord length will wary quite a bit from bottle to bottle. Take some cord extra just in case. If you run out, you can use the splicing method to attach more cord.

When you reach the very bottom on the sides, make another row, but tighten it a bit more, so that the sides on the bottom get a nice shape. After that, switch to every other hitch (meaning make a hitch onto every other hitch in the previous row). This will quickly end the bottom.

You can finish with an overhand knot or any other way you prefer. See the photo and image tutorial below for more information.

Photo tutorial:

paracord bottle wrap tutorial

Video instructions:

Thank you for joining me in this easy project, enjoy your bottle wrap!

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