cow hitch paracord bracelet

Cow hitch paracord bracelet

This tutorial is dedicated to the quick release paracord bracelet made out of cow hitches.

As you might have noticed from my many tutorials on quick deploy bracelets, I have been exploring the many options available to make these bracelets. The techniques can be applied to many projects and I think I have covered enough to really give you the option of choosing the design you like. Joining that collection of quick deploy bracelets is the cow hitch paracord bracelet.

I named it after the knot that is used to make it, so probably I could be more creative with it, but it gets the job done :).

The benefits of making this bracelet is that it is extremely easy to deploy (just pull on the knot), it looks fairly thin and I have very rarely seen this bracelet made, so it is quite an unique one. The bracelet is also made quite quickly, especially once you get into making the hitches.

A bit on the bracelet:

  • Difficulty: low
  • Cord storage: low
  • Child friendly: no

Supplies needed

  • paracord
  • a lighter
  • a knife or a pair of scissors
double half hitch paracord bracelet

The bracelet in action.

The cow hitch paracord bracelet tutorial

The bracelet is made in a few easy steps. We start off by making a celtic button knot onto one end of the cord. This knot will act as the stopper knot for the bracelet.

We make a bight by folding the cord. This folded cord should be a bit longer than your wrist.

We place the folded cord horizontally to ave a better view of the bracelet being made.

After that we start making cow hitches onto the two cord strands. These are made by making two half hitches, one over the cored, one under the core to form one cow hitch.

The trick to getting this bracelet done right is to tighten it a bit more firmly, as well as keeping bot of the hitches we made tightened properly. When done right, the bracelet should look sturdy and uniform.

double half hitch paracord bracelet tutorial

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