herringbone plait

Herringbone plaiting around a core

In this quick article I show you few color sequences you can use to use the herringbone braid to decorate whips, handles and such.

I have demonstrated the herringbone braid before. I did also mention that it can be plaited around a core to decorate it. Various color sequences produce some nice results, so I wanted to show you four of the most popular and easy to make ones.

The stair step motive


This is a plait gained by separating two colors, each to their own side. In this case, the red cords are on one side, the black on the other.

The coral snake motive


This plait is made by separating the cords, so that both sides alternate the same color, meaning there is black on both sides, then red, then black again and finally, red again. See the image below to see how it is plaited.


Adding even more colors would be simple.

The fishtail motive


The fishtail like motive is made by having two of the same colors on both sides, twice, then two other colors follow, twice. See the image below.


A zig-zag pattern


This motive is made by lining up colors in pairs. Two of the same color on one side, two of another color on the other side. Then reverse colors/pairs. See below.



That is it for this article, I hope these patterns come in handy. I sure enjoy plaiting them and I feel they can really be used to make beautiful things. Till next time, happy knotting!






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I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.

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