Box knot paracord keychain

In this tutorial I will show you how to make the most popular paracord keychain.

Called the box knot or the square knot keychain, this type of keychains not only have a great look, but are also fairly easy to make. The added benefit is that a fairly short keychain can hold enough paracord to be actually useful (for example for replacing shoelaces). I like making this type of keychains because they really look professionally made. I have yet to try a four color version, but it is fairly easy to simply join together cords of different colors and giving it a try.

For the project you will need the following items:

With those supplies in hand we can begin making our keychain. The knot we will be using is called the box knot.


How to make a box knot keychain

In essence, all we will be doing is making box knot one on top of eachother. After the first or second knot we will pull out a loop we can use for the keyring.

A final piece of advice from me is to tighten the knots firmly. I pull of two cords at the same time when beginning the tightening, then each cord separately.


The video tutorial:

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