hot knife

Hot knife

This tool is used by some to help speed up cord cutting.

After you have worked with paracord for a while you have probably noticed the finese needed to properly singe and melt paracord. You have to be careful not to apply too much heat and not to burn any surrounding paracord.

When working with paracord a lot you may need a process that is quicker and less complicated when it comes to melting cord ends. This is where the hot knife comes in.

The hot knife

The name really says it all. If you have to cut and melt, why not do both at once. The hot knife is a supply used in various crafts and it can be of use in paracord crafts as well.

The principle on which the hot knife runs is based on heating the blade. This is usually achieved by plugging it into an electric socket (I suggest you use the end with the power plug).

That is all that is really needed. The knife when plugged in heats up fairly fast and is ready for use in minutes. You can be sure that the cuts will be made nicely, since each is cauterized by the heat coming off the blade.

 How hot is hot?

The hot knife heats up to about 950 degrees F, which is probably enough for most projects.

Any tips?

When choosing the hot knife, make sure it has an on and of switch. This helps you avoid having to plus and unplug the knife all the time. Also, be aware that different models come with different tips/points. If you only need the cutting part, then the cheaper versions are just fine. But you may want to invest into a few extra tips/heads you can use for other crafting projects as well.

Any other uses?

I love the points/tips that allow you to burn wood. This is very useful if you like to craft with wood, since you can decorate it with various drawings and text. The hot knife can also be used in soldering.


The hot knife can be of use to the paracord craftsman. It is fairly inexpensive for what it does and multipurpose as well.


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