Solomons heart paracord bracelet

This bracelet shows how you feel about a person.

The solomons heart bracelet has heart shapes all over it. And that comes in handy when making bracelets for that someone special.

In essence, this bracelet is a solomons bar/cobra knot bracelet, just made a bit differently. Unlike the solomon bar, it is made by alternating color every two knots. For example in a red/black bracelet you would use the red color twice for the loop, then switch to the black color for the next two knots. This process will become a lot more clear in the following tutorial.


  • Difficulty: low
  • Cord storage: medium
  • Child friendly: yes

Supplies required

  • paracord 550 in two colors
  • something to melt the cords with, a lighter
  • scissors to cut the cord with
  • bracelet jig will make your work a lot easier

How to make a solomons heart paracord bracelet

As I mentioned earlier, the solomons heart bracelet is made in a way similar to the regular solomon bar. The only difference is that we make two knots by starting the loop with one color, then alternating to the second color. The only knot you need to know it the regular cobra knot. I finish the bracelet using the lanyard/diamond knot.


A video tutorial is also available here:

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I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.

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