ashley stopper knot

How to tie the Ashley stopper knot

In this tutorial I will show you how to make the Ashley stopper knot.

The Ashley stopper knot is, as named, a knot introduced by Clifford W. Ashley in his book under the number #526. The knot has many advantages and fairly unique characteristics. It has a three part look, which is quite eye pleasing. It is tied fast and easy and used to finish a single cord/rope.

Personally I find this knot to be a practical knot more than a decorative one. I would use it for making paracord zipper pulls and to finish bracelets, but I do find the celtic button knot a bit bulkier. Naturally it is a matter of preference and I do encourage you to learn this knot. It is a stopper knot that is made very fast and is very suitable for beginners as well, so you can teach it even to the kids when they are making their bracelets!


  • Difficulty: easy
  • Use: stopper knot for bracelets, jewelry, as well as a practical stopper knot (climbing, gear repair, zipper pulls)
  • Other names: Oysterman’s stopper knot

The Ashley stopper knot tutorial

In short, the knot is made by making a bight. With the right part of the bight forma a twist and place it over the left part. Pull the left end through. This will create a slip knot. Take the working end and go through the front and back, then through the loop.

The most important part of the knot is proper tightening, especially if you plan to use it in something like climbing. The tail (working end) should be tightened before the standing end. In any case, before using this knot in a life or death situation, do practice it properly with an experienced person.

The images below show a particularly easy way of doing the knot.

ashley stopper knot tutorial

Naturally, there is also a video on the knot you may find helpful:

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  1. The Ashley Knot is excellent for tying off my paracord projects: lanyards, bracelets, and keychains. I have Fibromyalgia and knot tying is not easy for me. I was just looking for something simple to make my projects look better. Thanks!

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