pipa knot

How to tie the pipa knot

In this tutorial I will show you how to tie the popular pipa knot.

The knot itself is named after the Chinese lute, which is called a Pipa. The lute has a similar, pear shape.

Just like the lute, the pipa knot has been in use for a very long time. It originates from the rich Chinese knot heritage. Unlike most Chinese knots I have encountered though, this one is very easy to do.

The applications for this knot would be anything from a keychain, pendant. I have even seen paracord earrings made using this knot. Personally I like to store paracord in keychains and this seemed like a perfect candidate for the job.

To make this knot I only used a single piece of paracord 550. You may also need a pair of scissors and a lighter if you want to cut the ends off.

pipa knots

Two pipa knots.

Pipa knot tutorial

The knot is made by first forming an eight shape, shown in the images below. From there we pass the cord behind the top loop of the eight and place the cord inside the bottom loop of the eight. Simply repeat passing the cord behind the top loop and inside the bottom one until the bottom one fills up, so you can no longer fill it up. At that point pull the working end through the hole in the middle of the knot and you are done.

Some adjustment and tightening might be in order. Note that we are basically working with only one cord, the other one stays still.

how to tie the pipa knot

Naturally, you can also use a video to make the knot:

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