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Re-handling a knife

In this article I show you how I re-handled a knife with the use of paracord.

I have featured a bunch of knife handle wraps in the paracord projects section. But this time I used paracord to make an entire handle. I just wanted to share the result, since it is quite interesting, at least in my book. The previous handle on the knife fell apart, so it was a perfect chance to see how a handle made entirely of paracord would turn out.

The before and after images:


For those wondering how this was done, the main part of the handle is done with Spanish hitching. The top and bottom are finished using a Spanish ring knot.

To start I recommend using a constrictor knot to hold the working ends (using the inner strands of paracord or sinew). I slid the working ends under this knot and then continued by making a Spanish ring knot.

Once that was completed, I used a cord coming out of the knot to line up the Spanish hitches. The end is again done using a constrictor knot, wrapping a little bit more and then covering the wrap using a Spanish ring knot.



See the video below to see the handle live:


I hope this quick look at making paracord knife handle was interesting to you, it does the job well and is quite decorative. When your knife handle falls apart, you can use paracord to repair it!



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I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.

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