6 strand crocodile ridge braid

6 strand crocodile ridge braid

In this tutorial we will take a look at the 6 strand crocodile ridge braid.

The name of the braid implies that the braid looks like the back of a crocodile. The braid has quite a specific look, with the center strands of the braid being raised. This look is appreciated by belt makers, but I can also see it being used on handles for dog leashes for example. I would assume from the name that the origin of the braid is Australian, but in any case, it is quite popular in the land down under.

Although I was quite intimidated by this braid when first starting it out, I have found a nice way of making it, that is easy to remember. Indeed, breaking this braid down into two parts, the setup process and the braiding process will help you get it down fast.

I learned the braid from Bruce Grant’s encyclopedia, but have modified it a bit for easier braiding.


The tutorial

For this demonstration I have started the braid using an Australian flat braid start. This creates a nice starting point for the braid.

Setting up the braid


The Australian flat braid start. Any start can be used as long as you get 6 strands.


Take middle cord on the right (cord number 5) and place it over the bottom cord on the right.

You now have 4 cords on the left.


The third cord on the left (3) now crosses over the bottom cord on the left (4).


The second cord on the left now goes behind the two bottom cords (3 and 4).


Finally it passes back to the bottom on the left.

At this point we can start the braid.

Braiding the 6 strand crocodile ridge braid

The braiding starts at this point. It is a simple, two steps process of taking the top cord, placing it over the first cord, then wrapping around the bottom two cords and then finishing at the bottom of the same side. The other side is then worked.


We start on the top right, going over the first cord.


Wrap around the bottom two cords.


Finish on the bottom right.


The left side is now braided. We take the top cord and place it over the second cord.


Wrap around the bottom two cords.


Place the cord to the bottom on the left.

As you can see, the braiding of the crocodile ridge braid is not that hard at all. I hope it comes in handy in your projects.

For further information and a live tutorial, see the video below:


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