gaucho paracord bracelet

Gaucho fan knot bracelet

In this tutorial I show you how to make a gaucho fan knot bracelet.

This style of bracelet is quite rare. It takes time and patience to make and also a basic understanding of turk’s head knots.

Still, it is enjoyable to make and the result is well worth it. So I decided to put together a quick rundown on how to make a bracelet like this.gaucho fan knot paracord bracelet

So, let’s start with what you will need.

Basic supplies

These are the basic supplies I recommend using:

  • a mandrel to tie the knot onto. I recommend a dowel rod about 1/4 inch wide. This would be about 5-6mm. You can use wider mandrels, but it is harder to tighten the knot and you also use up a bit more cord
  • two colors of type I paracord (it is about 1.8 mm thick). If using a 1/4 inch diameter mandrel, then about 11 feet of each color should do
  • one piece of paracord 550 for the core. The length depends on the stopper knot you will be using
  • a lacing needle
  • a lighter
  • rubber band to hold the cord on the mandrel

With all these items ready, we can begin tying our bracelet.

Note that the tutorials on all the parts of this bracelet will be in video form, since I find this to be easier to demonstrate and learn from.

Tying the gaucho fan knot bracelet

The first thing we need to do is make our gaucho fan knot that we will be using for our bracelet.

This is done using the two pieces of type I cord.

The first cord we use is going to be used to make a base knot, which is a 4 bight, long turk’s head.

You can see how to tie one in the video tutorial below. In the tutorial I use 8 wraps around the mandrel. You can do more or less depending on the length of the bracelet you would like.

Once you have set up your base knot, it is time to interweave it using a second color. This is a bit more challenging, but with patience, you will make it!

Finally, we take our gaucho fan knot and tighten it around a core. The core is just a folded piece of paracord 550. We finish the two ends using a stopper knot. For a stopper knot you can use a lanyard knot, but I very much recommend using the ABoK 615, a toggle knot.

A few insights on finishing this style of bracelets:

I hope this helps, feel free to post any issues and comments and I will do my best to help you out!

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I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.

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