paracord necklace quick deployment

Paracord necklace- quick deployment

In this tutorial we will make a simple, quick deployment paracord necklace.

Besides various paracord bracelets, a necklace can be used to store cord as well. It can be an additional or an alternative storage method to the bracelet. So, do consider the necklace! It is comfortable, easy to make and for those that are not into bracelets, this is an option to wear some cordage on you.

For me, this is an important item to have around. I learn how to work with rope daily, so I really need some cord around, especially when out, where I don’t have my stash of cord. If I need to quickly make something or make a repair, I can unravel the necklace and get a long piece of cord.

The necklace will hold anywhere from 7-10 feet of cord on the average neck, depending mostly on the style you choose to go with. A choker style holds less cord, while a regular, loose necklace will hold more.

What will I need to make the necklace?

The necklace requires minimal supplies. Use the following:

  • cordage. I use type 1 paracord, but regular, 550 paracord will work as well. Take at least 8 feet of cord (2.4 meters) for the average neck size.
  • a necklace connector is used for two reasons- it makes the necklace easy to put on and off. Secondly, it acts as a safety mechanism. The connector will open if your necklace snags onto something, preventing it from becoming a choking hazard. I highly recommend using this one. A threaded necklace connector works well if you can find one, if not, some glue can be used to make sure the ends stay in the connector.
  • scissors and a lighter are used to cut and melt the cord.
necklace connector

An example of a necklace connector.

Paracord necklace tutorial- quick release style!

This necklace is made using a rope shortening technique called “daisy chaining”. It allows you to pack quite a bit of cord into a rather short necklace. Plus the technique is a quick release one, meaning that you can easily unravel the necklace when you need the cord.


We begin our necklace by tying a slip knot near one end of your cord.

Make a loop.

Make a bight with the working end.

Feed the bight into the loop.

Tighten up the slip knot.

Daisy chaining

Now we proceed with our main technique.

Make a bight with the working end.

Feed the bight into the previous loop.

Tighten up. This is all we are doing. Let’s do one more!

Make a bight with the working end.

Feed the bight into the previous loop.

Tighten up.

Continue daisy chaining until you reach a sufficient length for your necklace.

Feed the working end into the last loop.

And tighten up. To unravel the necklace you simply remove this end from the loop and pull on it.

Finally, attach the necklace connector onto the ends. I usually melt the ends into a mushroom tip, add a bit of glue and push them into the connector ends. With that our project is complete!

Here is a video tutorial on the necklace:

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