paracord heart decoration

Paracord heart decoration

Another fun project for Valentine’s day is making a paracord heart wall decoration.

One of the decorations I made this year is a heart made out of paracord and some wire. It is based on the paracord pendant I did long ago. In my case I plan on hanging it on the door on Valentine’s day.

paracord heart

See how it is made in the tutorial below:

Supplies used

  • paracord
  • wire
  • lighter
  • knife or scissors to cut with

The tutorial

Start off by bending your wire into the heart like shape. I included a loop at the top to make it easier to hang, but in retrospect, I think it serves a more decorative use as well. After shaping the wire, gut a piece of paracord and cover the wire with it by inserting it through the cord. Finally, join both ends of the wire. This can be done by twisting, or just by melting paracord, but make sure it is secure. You do not want it to come undone during the work process.

Take two cords, in my case two red pieces and at the bottom of the heart, start hitching. The process is shown in the images that follow. Once you reach the top, take the other end of the cords and do the other side. Make sure that the hitches point in a downward fashion, like with the first set. After that, tie off the four ends that meet at the top. I used a simple cobra knot.

paracord heart decoration tutorial

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I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.

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