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How to make a paracord pouch

Making a paracord pouch to protect your riches!

After losing three baby bottles in under a year as well as a broken phone, all due to fall damage, I decided that I better start wrapping valuables, especially technology in paracord wraps. That or get another job to pay off the stuff we break I suppose.

After mummbling “this is why we can’t have nice things”, I went to work.

The result is this paracord pouch I am about to show you. It is appropriate for holding various rectangular objects. For a more classic pouch design see my dice bag tutorial.


You will need the basics:

How to make a paracord pouch

The process of making this style of pouch is divided in two parts. In part one we make the sides by making a series of cobra knots (see my cobra paracord bracelet tutorial if you are not familiar with these). I make them so a small loop remains at the top.

In the second part we will be weaving the front and back side using a lacing needle. This is done by the process shown below. After everything is in place I remove the slack cord and straighten up everything so it looks like it should.

When done, I take the two cords used to make the front and back and tie a lanyard knot with them. I can then use the lanyard knot and the loop to close the pouch easily.


The first part of this tutorial shows you how to make the sides:


After making the sides we continue by making the front and back. This is done by weaving, which can be summed up as going over and under cords. Using lacing needle will brighten up your day!

paracord pouch instructions

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