Double stairstep stitched bracelet

The double stairstep stitched paracord bracelet sure is a beauty!

I have already demonstrated the single stairstep stitched bracelet. The double stitch is made in a fairly similar way, with two lines of stitches. The result, as seen below is a beautiful, chain like pattern that I really enjoy. Although I demonstrate it here on a cobra knot bracelet, you could easily use this lacing style on a belt or any other item you would like to decorate.



You will need these few supplies:

  • a cobra knot paracord bracelet
  • a lacing needle
  • some sort of lace or thread. Micro cord (1.18mm) or type 1 paracord (1.85mm) are commonly used. Other types of thread or lace can be used. I used a satin cord found in an art shop, but I would recommend micro cord if available.

The technique- short tutorial

The first thing you will need is a regular cobra knot bracelet. A lacing needle is attached to the lacing cord and we can now begin our lacing.


Cobra knot bracelet before the lacing.



Our lacing cord is placed behind the bracelet. Half the length is to the left, half to the right.


We first stitch on one side, in my case the right. The sequence is over three sections and up under one. We exit to the side of the bracelet.


Repeat until you reach the end. The sequence is always over three, up under one.


The other side is then stitched, over three, under one. We always exit the cord to the side.


Repeat on both sides until you reach the end.

To finish, the ends are tucked under at least four sections on the bottom of the bracelet.

Not hard at all for such a nice looking bracelet, huh?

I made a video as well if you prefer those:










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