paracord neck lanyard

How to make a paracord neck lanyard

Today we take a look at a proper paracord neck lanyard!

There are many lanyard types. The most common, key lanyard is often given out to promote various causes or businesses.

I am quite fond of this lanyard design. It is made to be worn around the neck and has a few distinct features.

paracord lanyard

Features of the neck lanyard

There are a few details that make a neck lanyard different than other types of lanyards. Let’s take a peek:

  • the lanyard is made to fit the neck. That means it is not made from a single cord, which can hurt if the lanyard pulled on.
  • it is made to be released in case it gets snagged onto something. Not including a release mechanism for items worn around the neck is a bad practice when working with paracord. I have made the mechanism with two keyrings. A plastic buckle is also acceptable.

Items needed

To make this lanyard you need a few supplies. These include:

Paracord neck lanyard tutorial

The neck lanyard is made by folding a piece of cord in half. This cord should be long enough as you want the lanyard to be, plus a bit more for the neck parts (the flat ones), where the cord acts as the core for the cobra knots.

As said, we fold that cord in half and attach a snap hook with the use of a larks head knot. We insert a cord through the larks head and use that cord to make a series of cobra knots (if you are not familiar with these, see my cobra paracord bracelet tutorial). You can use a key ring instead of a snap hook, or you may choose to opt for a carabiner or something that can hold the item you will be carrying.

When done with this part, attach a cord lock. This is not a must, but I do like the extra functionality.

You are now left with the two ends. We make the same flat part of cobra knots on each end by making a bight, attaching a keyring or buckle on it and using it as a core to make the flat parts.

With that the paracord neck lanyard is complete and ready for use!

paracord neck lanyard instructions

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