How to make a round crown keychain

This time I show you how to make a round crown. It is a popular and fun design well suited for keychains and lanyards. This design was introduced by J.D.Lenzen and it is a twist on the box knot (literally and metaphorically). The best way to describe the knot is a diagonal box knot. It is done exactly the same way as the box knot, just that we make the knot by placing the cords diagonally. I was sure this was a hard project to do, but after I made the first few knots I felt very familiar with the knot. I used it a ton with my box knot keychains, so it was a really easy transition.

I finished the keychain using a simple wall knot. Basically you tuck one cord under the next until you make a circle. I think the image tutorial will explain that better.

For this little project you will need the following:

With those supplies at the ready the only thing left to do is make the keychain!

How to make a round crown keychain:

round crown keychain

An updated video is now also available:

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