Quick deploy fishtail paracord bracelet

Let’s make a paracord fishtail bracelet that is easy to deploy!

Quick deployment bracelets are mostly used for survival situations. They enable you to release the cord almost instantly, making them a handy way to store paracord.

I have already covered how to do the traditional paracord fishtail bracelet, but recently I have been exploring survival bracelets and this technique came up.

The look of the bracelet is the same as the regular one, but it is made out of a single piece of cord, which is handy for emergency situations, where a single, longer cord is preferable than multiple, shorter cords that are stored in two or more color bracelets (this is one of the four principles I apply in making paracord survival items).

I made the bracelet using the ball and loop technique, which means you use a knot which you place through the loop to secure it. You could use another method, but I find this the easiest, cheapest and most practical way.

This tutorial is a modification of the work by Brian Grubbs, adapted a bit by me.

Bracelet characteristics:

  • Difficulty: low
  • Cord storage: medium
  • Child friendly: yes

Supplies needed

The quick deploy fishtail bracelet tutorial

The bracelet is made by first making a celtic button knot on to one end of the cord. We then make two bights on the other end. The distance between the knot and the top of the bight is the bracelet length.

We then take the one working end and pass it behind the bracelet. From this point we will be simply weaving it through the two bights (one bight is two cords). Once we reach the bottom, flip the bracelet around and insert the cord through the loops twice. This will make a loop to use with the button knot, as well as lock off the weave. We will then finish up by making a knot to hold the cord in place, snip the end and melt it. Voila, bracelet complete!quick deploy fishtail paracord bracelet tutorial

Deploying the bracelet

To deploy the bracelet, undo the finishing knot and pull the cord out of the two loops at the end. Then pull on the celtic button knot and the bracelet will come undone. Instant cord at the ready!


About Markwell

I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.


  1. Approximately how long did it take you to make the fishtail quick deploy paracord bracelet?

  2. This was nice project!

  3. Very good, another option at the end of the bracelet is to put the excess cord inside of it without cutting it.

  4. thanks
    These make great key fobs and zipper pulls.

    I used the design to make fobs to grasp on my backpack to tighten the shoulder straps. I had a need for some paracord while I was working in Mexico, and fortunately I had two ten foot sections that travel with me everywhere. How convenient.

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