paracord glasses holder

How to make a paracord glasses holder

In this tutorial I show you an interesting way to make a paracord eyeglasses holder.

The glasses holder serves as a way to wear glasses when not using them, as well as prevents your glasses from falling when you are wearing them. As such they are pretty handy.

There are many designs for holders around. For me, simple is best, when it comes to everyday carry, so I will demonstrate the easiest way you can use. While you could make a holder using dedicated ends, these can be somewhat tricky to find. This is why I prefer the following method.

paracord holder for glassesbond


Supplies needed

To make this simple holder, you will need:

  • paracord
  • shrink tubing (these can be found in most electric supply stores. Basically these are tubes that shrink when exposed to heat)
  • lighter.


Take a piece of paracord that is the proper length for you. Take two shrink wrap tubes and place them over the ends of your glasses. Put the ends of the paracord piece in the other side of the tubes. Apply heat with a lighter to make the tubing contract. With that the holder is done.

If you prefer a lighter feel to the holder, consider gutting the cord by removing the strands within. Naturally, you are free to decorate the piece of paracord using decorative knots, the cloverleaf knot, as seen on the images standing out like an obvious candidate to use.

paracord glasses holder tutorial

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