8 strand diamond plait

8 strand diamond plait around a core

To continue from the 8 strand diamond braid tutorial, let’s see how it looks around a core.

I mentioned in the 8 strand diamond braid tutorial, that a major use for the braid is plaiting over a core. This is often done with whips, but can be applied to a variety of objects.

What makes this plait different is that it is made using two cords at a time.

I wanted to see what are the basic patterns you can get out of a braid if you plait it over a dowel rod. So, using the 8 cords in two different colors, I tried the most intuitive sequences and found a few nice styles. See them below.

The classic “diamond” plait


The 8 strand diamond pattern plait is the most prolific. The diamond shapes are quite fancy, so I can see why people like to decorate with it. This style of plait is made using two colors, one to each side.


The spiral plait


The spiral plait is made by plaiting using 2 cords of one color on both sides, then the other color.


A criss-cross plait


My favorite finding using this plait is the style above. Made with a sequence of one color of both sides, then the other color and so on, it produces this fairly unique look which I can see myself using in the future.



There, I hope these plaits will come in handy with your future projects. Plaiting is a lot of fun to do, so you can bet that I will be showing more in the future.

Till next time, happy knotting!




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