silicone finger tips

Silicone finger tips

When working with hot paracord, you may want to have these on!

Working with paracord is fun. Getting burned is not.

One way to avoid getting burned when melting paracord is by using silicone finger tips. The most common way to get burned is when melting and shaping the ends. But sometimes, when you get burned by too hot paracord, you lose interest in shaping the ends. And the quality of your work can suffer because of it.

I must say that there are quite a few ways to avoid the burns. The very best way is to get the timing right. It takes its time to learn, but it is the most convenient method out there. The other, also very effective way to avoid the burns is by using a tool to protect you from the heat. And one of the tools I recommend for this job are the silicone finger tips.

What are silicone finger tips?

The silicone finger pads were made to protect the users finger tips. But from what you may ask? Well, from flipping pages in a book!

It may surprise you, but paracord crafters are a very handy bunch of people and some have begun using these tips to protect themselves from injury. The silicone is a very resistant material and very appropriate for working with heat.

Where can I get them?

I think the easiest way is to simply order them online. Silicone items are also used in cooking, and because these tips are also made for reading, a bookstore might also carry a supply.

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