gaucho knot

How to tie a gaucho knot

In this tutorial we are going to take a look at how to tie the gaucho knot.

The gaucho knot is tied by first making a 5 lead 4 bight turk’s head and then expanding it. The result is the gaucho knot, a popular decorative knot.


Gaucho knot tutorial

Due to the way that the knot is tied, I decided on a video tutorial and written step by step instructions. I think this combination will work best, the video serving the most use.

As far as supplies go, you will need some paracord or rope and a mandrel, in my case a piece of PVC pipe. A lacing needle is highly recommended (learn how to make your own lacing needle here).

Tying the knot

Start off by tying a 5L4B turk’s head knot.

  1. remove the working end from the right side of the standing end and insert it to the left of the standing end
  2. follow the standing end to the top of the knot
  3. start weaving on the first free bight to the left. The first sequence is under one-over one-under two-over two (U1-O1-U2-O2)
  4. when you reach the bottom, start again at the left bight. The sequence is the same, under one-over one-under two-over two (U1-O1-U2-O2)
  5. now at the top, we start with a similar sequence than before, by going under one-over two-under two-over two (U1-O2-U2-O2)
  6. from the bottom to the top, the sequence is again the same, under one-over two-under two-over two (U1-O2-U2-O2)
  7. The final sequence is under two-over two-under two-over two (U2-O2-U2-O2)
  8. bring your working end to the left of the standing end and you are done!

Tighten this knot equally and slowly and you will get a nice look on it.

The video:



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