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How to tie a double fisherman’s knot

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a double fisherman’s knot.
The knot itself is usually tied in order to join two cords and is considered one of the most important survival knots. Although the same effect can be gained by tying two bowline knots together, the knot is the preferred knot for this task.

It is composed of two strangle knots that tighten the bond when under pressure, which makes this knot very tight. Do note that when you apply severe pressure to the knot, the ends will bind so hard, that untying the knot will be difficult.

The knot is listed under the numbers 294 and 1415 of the Ashley book of knots and is often referred to as the grapevine bend.

Practical uses

The knot does not cover as many uses as the bowline, but it is an essential knot to know. The fisherman’s knot uses:

grapevine bend

Because the strangle knots slide, the fisherman’s knot is great for making adjustable items.

  • joining two pieces of cord/rope. This is the primary use for the knot.
  • making adjustable bracelets, necklaces.
  • climbing. When used in the context of climbing, be sure to check the knot thoroughly. Depending on the use, the triple fisherman’s might be more appropriate.


The knot does tighten extremely, meaning that undoing it can sometimes be a chore. It is also not a knot to take lightly when climbing. Making the knot triple is also necessary when dealing with increased strains on the rope, such as holding loads.


Below you can find a detailed tutorial covering how to tie this knot. Basically we will simply tie two knots, one on each of the cords, using the other cord.

how to tie a fishermans knot


The video tutorial on the knot:


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