fish scale braid

Fish-scale braid

This time, let’s take a look at how to braid the fish-scale braid.

The fish-scale braid is a close relative to the conquistador braid. Unlike the conquistador braid though, it does not reverse when it reaches the end. This gives it the scale like effect.

Demonstrated by Bruce Grant in his Encyclopedia of rawhide and leather braiding, the braid is one of the easiest to make, while still being a powerful tool in the hands of a braider. You can easily combine it with the conquistador braid, as well as many others, to achieve a colorful effect.

I have personally used the braid to wrap around a lighter, but I can imagine it being used to wrap waling sticks, bottles and the likes. I have also seen a belt made with the braid, which I am very tempted to make myself.


With that said, let’s see how to braid it!

The fish-scale braid tutorial

The braid is made by first getting an object you will want to wrap around (in my case a PVC pipe), some cord. A lacing needle may be a good choice, if available (you can make one, using the lacing needle tutorial).

We start by making a simple wrap around, placing our working end over the standing end.

From this point on, we will simple be coiling or spiraling the working end around the previous row. This is done by placing the cord under the previous row and pulling it through the top, then continuing the spiral by again going under the previous row and pulling the cord out.

This pattern, repeated row by row will create the fish-scale braid. When sufficient length is attained, be sure to go through the braid from the top and remove any slack in it.

The photo and video tutorials below should prove helpful.

fish scale braid tutorial

The video tutorial:

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  1. I have been following your guild for the last 3 months when I began doing this! Keep going forward. Thank you!

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