paracord ball net

Paracord ball net

In this tutorial I show you how to make a paracord ball net.
This project is handy for transporting and storing balls for various sports.
The net that we are going to make is easy to do. You are using basic knots to accomplish the task, so it should not be all that hard. Net making is usually done using simple knots since it needs to be done fast and efficiently.

The net that we are going to make can be adapted to fit a small or a large ball, depending on how big you make the loops/openings in the net.

ball net paracord Let’s take a look at the supplies, then move on to the tying process.


You are going to need the following few items:

  • paracord 550. 4 pieces, each 6 feet long (180 cm).
  • a carabiner or a short piece of paracord to lock the net together.
  • a small metal ring as the starting point for your net. You can also make a ring out of a piece of paracord.
  • scissors and a lighter to cut and melt your paracord.

We are now ready to begin making our ball net.

Making a ball net


Start your project by attaching your 4 cords onto the ring. You can use the lark’s head knot, but I prefer using the Cow hitch variant.

Make sure that all the ends of your cords are of equal length.


We are now going to start joining ends of our cords together. This creates our net.

Take a strand from a pair on the left and a strand from a pair on the right. Join them together using the Sheet bend.


Take the left end and fold it into a bight.


Feed the right end through the bight, bottom up.


Pass under the bight.


Then under the standing part of the right end, above the bight.


Tighten up, making sure both ends are about the same length. Join the other ends the same way.


After all the ends are joined you get 4 loops/openings.


Start the next set of loops in between the previous loops.


Again, take a strand from the left side and a strand from the right. Tie a sheet bend.


Tighten up, making sure the two ends are about equal in length. Move on to the remaining ends and repeat.


Once you place the second row of loops, you get a square net.


We are now going to join our ends together for a third and final time. This time, instead of joining the two ends in the middle, join them on the side. This will make sure the knots do not get in the way when you are closing up the net.


I recommend doing a second turn around the bight when tying these final 4 sheet bends. This will result in a more secure knot, the Double sheet bend.


This is how the Double sheet bend looks like when tightened.


After making the last 4 knots, test out your net. Take a carabiner and hook the last 4 loops. If you can hook all four nicely, then the net is big enough. If not, adjust the size of your loops.


Finally, firmly tighten up your Double sheet bends. Cut and melt your ends, then flatten them (while still hot) to prevent them from slipping out of your knot.

Mission accomplished, you now have a functional ball net.

paracord basketball net

You can also take a look at the tying process in the video below:

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