sawtooth paracord bracelet

How to make a sawtooth paracord bracelet

Today I will show you how to make a sawtooth paracord bracelet.

I often confused this bracelet for the snake knot paracord bracelet. I later discovered that these are actually two different designs. Indeed, the bracelets have little in common, mostly that they are both round. The similarity ends there, because the sawtooth paracord bracelet is made with a core, while the snake knot bracelet is made using only two working ends.

I must say that I love the look of this bracelet.  A bit biased, I know, but the fact is, I like making things out of paracord and if I get the chance to try out something I have not tried before, even better! Enjoy this tutorial, I hope this technique will have a use for you!

  • Difficulty: medium
  • Cord storage: medium
  • Child friendly: no


To make this bracelet you will need the following supplies:

Optional, but recommended:

sawtooth paracord bracelet


The tutorial

I will demonstrate how to make a sawtooth bracelet using the knot and loop method, which means I will be using a lanyard knot to finish it. You can instead use buckles or any other method of closing bracelets. It is up to you. Any method that works for you is fine.

The bracelet is made by first joining two cords that we will use as the colors of our bracelet. I highly recommend using the Manny method of joining paracord.

We attach this joined cord onto a smaller cord which will serve as the core. This core is made by folding this smaller cord in half. The length of this core should be the size of your wrist plus enough for you to make a lanyard knot.

To attach the larger, joined cord to the core I use a cobra knot. It is a simple knot demonstrated in the tutorial that follows.

After that the process for making the bracelet is as follows (you can just skip to the image tutorial below if these steps if you are a more visual person):

  1. take the left cord and pass it under the left core cord
  2. take the right cord and pass it over the right core cord and the left cord
  3. pull the right cord under the left cord and the right core cord
  4. pull the left cord over the left core cord

With this sequence you will make one tooth. Keep making these until you reach some length at which point grab the bottom of the bracelet and push the knots towards the top. This will give you a clearer image on how long the bracelet actually is, as well as allow you to remove the abundant slack that has gathered. Pull on all the teeth, one by one until the look is uniform and the slack is removed.

Keep making teeth until you reach the length you like. Finish the two core cords using the lanyard/diamond knot.

You are now left with two working ends. At this point I use a lacing needle to tuck the cord ends back into the bracelet. I like to tuck under five teeth, but fewer or more can work just as well.

To finish simply cut the cords  and melt them. The bracelet is now done and you are now the owner of one sexy bracelet!

Now let’s see an image tutorial on the bracelet:

sawtooth paracord bracelet instructions







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I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.

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  1. Thank you very much for this tutorial on the Sawtooth weave. I tried to understand several “pictures only” instructions, but could not decipher them. These pictures and the written instructions helped immensely

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