paracord minion

How to make a paracord minion

In this tutorial I show you how to make a paracord minion.

As my sister is a huge fan of the series, I was more than happy to make her a few minions to use as keychains or decorations.

I have seen paracord minions made with the snake knot and I did like the look of them. But I wanted to make them a bit more oval, for which I think the crown knot is a good fit. I have in the past used the crown knot in the crown sinnet keychain, which demonstrates the technique of lining these knots up. By making the sinnet first in yellow, then blue color, the body of the paracord minion can be made.


See the tutorial below for step by step instructions on the paracord minion.


For this project you will need:

  • paracord 550 in blue and yellow colors, as well as a small strip of black for the headband
  • googly eyes
  • a drop of glue
  • lighter and scissors/knife

Paracord minion tutorial

Minions can be made using different sizes and using one or two eyes.

Minions can be made using different sizes and using one or two eyes.

Cut two strands of yellow cord and two strands of blue. For the black headband, remove the inner strands of cord of a small piece of black cord.

The first thing we are going to make is the body of the paracord minion. This is made using a series of crown knots first in yellow color.

Two blue cords are then joined at the bottom of the yellow crown knots and the body continues in blue.

When sufficient length/size of the minion is achieved, the yellow ends are joined in two pairs of two. These are made into the hands, using an overhand knot, Matthew Walker knot or any knot you prefer using.

The same is done for the blue colored cords, which make up the feet. The excess cords of the legs and arms are cut and melted.

Finally, the headband is attached by simply melting the ends together. Usually, I prefer to use the constrictor knot to attach the headband and then cut and melt the ends.

The very last step is to glue on the googly eye/eyes by using a drop of glue.

The photo tutorial below, as well as video should prove useful.

paracord minion tutorial

And video instructions:

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