saw blade paracord bracelet

Saw blade paracord bracelet

This bracelet tutorial shows you how to tie the saw blade paracord bracelet.

It is most likely that this design is fairly new to you, since it is not a very common bracelet.  It is a very simple and fast to make bracelet made to store a bit of cord. It is naturally quick to deploy, as are all bracelets I dare call survival bracelets.

The name itself is what I figured the bracelet looks like. The technique is called the chain sinnet and has been featured in the Fusion ties volume 1. by J.D.Lenzen, who named it the caterpillar paracord bracelet.


I wonder why I named it the saw blade bracelet…

Bracelet characteristics:

Difficulty: easy
Cord storage: small/medium
Child friendly: yes

The supplies used

How it looks on a wrist.

How it looks on a wrist.

The saw blade paracord bracelet tutorial

I started out the bracelet by making a bowline knot to act as the basic loop for the bracelet. It seems that the practical and survival knots section does have a use even with crafting!

I continued by making a slip knot. After that it was a simple procedure of making a bight, feeding it through the loop made from the previous knot, then tightening it. I show how to tighten these knots in the images below, which is quite important if you want a consistent look. Basically you feed the cord/bight through the loop, then tighten the loop and finally pull on the new loop that was formed from the bight.

I think this is all you need to know about the technique itself.

To finish the bracelet you can use any stopper knot. I would recommend a celtic button knot or the ashley stopper knot for example.

saw blade paracord bracelet tutorial


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