paracord key lanyard

How to make a paracord key lanyard

In this brief tutorial I demonstrate how to make a key lanyard.

Lately I have been quite busy, as well as quite focused on work! Because of that I have been less focused on the little things such as my keys :). I think that the time spent finding keys is better spent working or spending time with my family. That, plus keys are expensive to replace! Time to gear up!

It was time for me to do a paracord project, which is my answer to most problems nowdays. Got a problem? Apply paracord to the problem and it will work out!

This tutorial features a paracord key lanyard you can hook onto a belt loop, the belt itself or any other place you would attach a key lanyard for easy use. It makes sure your keys stay with you at all times.

Items used to make the lanyard

I used the traditional tools used to make lanyards:

How to make a paracord key lanyard- the instructions

I made the main part of the lanyard using the two color spool knitting technique. When that was done I was left with two cords on each end. I used the technique shown below to attach the carabiner and the steel ring. With that, all that was left was to cut of the extra cord and melt it. Voila! A functional and eye catching paracord key lanyard.

paracord key lanyard




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I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.

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