how to braid paracord

How to braid paracord?

In this tutorial I show you how to braid paracord.

Some types of braiding are underused. Many jewelry crafts make great use of various braids! I like to mix up knotting with occasional use of other interesting techniques. Braiding definitely fits the profile! In this article I will show you how to braid a three strand and four strand flat braid. You will also learn how to make a four strand round braid.

Flat braids

I am quite amazed people do not use the flat braids much with paracord. The patterns you can make are simply stunning and you can bet I will be making more tutorials featuring braiding techniques in the future! The produced braids are flat and thin which is great for those that seek to make items out of paracord without the bulky look that many paracord bracelets have.

Let’s see two common flat braids you can try with paracord:

Three strand flat braid


The basic principle for making a three strand braid is to  alternate the cords you put into the middle space. The sequence is simply this:

Put the left cord into the center, then the right cord. Repeat until you have reached your desired length. Yes, it is that easy!

The tutorial:

paracord three strand braid

The video tutorial:

Four strand flat braid

The four strand paracord braid is achieved in a similar way to the three strand one. It does take some time to get used to it, but the result is quite pleasing to the eye. The following image tutorial will show you how to do the braid properly, but I would like to offer a tip of my own:

I like to imagine I am working with the middle cords, which I always braid in the same way. The middle right cord (third one) goes over the second cord and under the first. The second cord always goes over the fourth. With that sequence in mind, the process is really simple!

four strand paracord braid

The round braid

Braiding paracord in this way is fairly common. It is a great way to get a thin, great looking and strong braid. There are a few ways you can braid these, see the video tutorials below:

Now for a few images of my projects:


Classic diamond braid.


Spiral braid.


Three color version of a diamond braid.

There we go. I showed you how to braid paracord in two different styles. Try them out and show me what you made!

About Markwell

I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.


  1. What general guidelines would you use to calculate how much paracord (of various types) to use in braiding? For example, I wish to create a six or eight strand flat braid bracelet, using Type-I (100 lb test) paracord, incorporating a curved 1/4″ side-release buckle. My thoughts are to double three or four strands of Type-I cord, to create the six or eight working strands. My question is: How long should those six or eight working strands be? Twice the length of the bracelet? Three times the length? I understand that the more complicated the braid, the more cord is required, but I have no generic guidelines or rules of thumb to follow. In advance, thanx muchly!

    • Hey Rick!

      I have in fact done some testing with cord lengths. What I concluded is that braids do not eat up a whole lot of cord. A 4 strand braid for example (if I remember correctly) only takes about 25% more cord. I think most braids will be under 50%.


  2. U guys r too much. I’m thinking about adding a cord leesh on my walking stick. Was going to get advice on braiding. Thx for the info!

  3. Hi Rick, Alan here.
    I am going to try your instructions on the four cord round diamond braid. If I don’t have any luck with it, can I send you some cord strands I want braided
    into a wrist bracelet, and send you money for costs of braiding a bracelet for me? I have a couple of replicas that make a nice braided wrist bracelet/band.
    Thank You so much,
    Sincerely Alan Watts veteran

  4. Thinking laterally, could I apply Paracord braiding to leather?

  5. Do you have instructions for braiding 6 strands to create a fatter braid? Thanks!

  6. I would like to make a five foot round braid rope how many feet of cord would I need to make the four strand round braid
    thank you

  7. Hi, I’m making a 3 strand braid that is about 15 ft long, and suggestions on how to keep the ends from tangling as I braid

  8. Does anyone know what brand of Paracord, that Mark uses in his projects please.

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