how to make paracord ranger beads

How to make paracord ranger beads

Time to make some paracord beads!

In this article I will show you two ways I use to make beads that you can move around the various lanyards and other projects. I find these to work great for making adjustable loops for your hand, but they could even replace things like cord loops for tightening the necks on pouches and bottle holders. You could also make use of these beads as counter (ranger) beads. I have even  seen a few beautiful paracord rosaries made with similar beads. I used the ranger beads in my paracord nail cross and it is one of my best looking projects to date.

There are two types of bead I like to make. The first type are the single pass ones, which are the smallest version. You can even gut the cord (remove the inner strands) to make these even more compact. The second type of paracord ranger beads I make are the ones that use multiple passes. I use two different techniques, which you will briefly see featured below:

Single pass ranger beads

single paracord ranger bead

The single pass ranger beads are made with the use of the Celtic button knot. We simply make the knot and run the cord we want to attach the bead to through the middle.

ranger bead tutorial

A video is found here:

Two or more pass beads

double paracord ranger bead

If you want bulkier, larger beads, then you could double up a Celtic knot. I do not like that route at all. I prefer to simply make a turks head knot and run the cord through the middle of that. The bonus is that the turks head knot can easily be doubled or tripled. I simply tie it oto my finger and slip it onto the cord.

I hope this helps, I know it took me a bit of time to find the techniques for making these beads that I liked.




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  1. I was bored to day and found multiple things made by you. You must love paracord crafts!

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