paracord nail cross

How to make a paracord nail cross

Today I made a horseshoe nail paracord cross. Let’s see how these are done!

I was inspired by the word David Hopper did with horseshoe nails, so I bought a pack a while ago. I experimented quite a bit with cord and nails, but never found the design I was looking for.

When Benedict Beharry posted his beautiful rosary he made with ranger beads, I looked into those. I found out that I could make them using a turks head setup, the same I used for my paracord ring. Finally I got the chance to make a cross using nails!

Let’s see the process!


To make this cross I used:

  • gutted paracord 550 (meaning I removed the inner strands)
  • 2 inch horseshoe nails
  • nose pliers to bend the nails with
  • a lacing needle to make the knotting easier
  • a lighter to melt the cord and scissors to cut it
  • a bit of glue to secure the nails together. This can also be done by wrapping the inner strands of the paracord you gutted around the nails!

The process

The first thing I had to do was bend the nails. I realized that I could bend these with nose pliers and nothing else. Felt quite macho there :).

paracord nails

This technique for bending nails was shown by David Hopper on his blog.

After bending the nails I used a bit of glue to secure the nails together. Alternatively you secure the nails together by wrapping them with the inner strands of paracord.

I gutted a bit of cord and attached a lacing needle to make the ranger beads. I will be putting a video on how to do these soon enough, but for now you can get see how they are made in my paracord ring tutorial.

After making the beads I cut the cord and melted it. I ran a piece of cord through the top loops and made a three wrap prayer bead to secure it. Makes for a beautiful pendant.




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I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.

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