piano bar paracord bracelet

Piano bar paracord bracelet

Today I show off the Piano bar paracord bracelet, also known as the Geonese paracord bracelet.

Who is the inventor of this bracelet design, I do not know. But it is based on the half hitch/millipede paracord bracelet I have covered a while back. I got the idea from one of the crafters in the paracord communities on Facebook.  I decided to give it a go, since my wife to be is a fan of pianos.

The name Genoese is the name given to the bracelet by Shawn Matthews. I will feature his video on making this bracelet below.

Items needed

To make the piano bar bracelet you need these supplies:

Now let’s start making the bracelet!

Piano bar paracord bracelet instructions

The piano bar paracord bracelet is made with the use of half hitches. I will demonstrate a method without using any buckles, but you may wish to work with them. In that case you can leave out the first few steps of the tutorial, since you will not be needing to make a core like shown below.

I will finish the bottom part of the bracelet by using a lanyard knot, which is an excellent stopper knot.

The piano pattern is achieved by the use of half hitches. But in this bracelet, we select to only wrap a few cords to get the pattern we want. If you are not a piano player yourself, see the piano bar pattern below.

piano keys

Piano keys. We will try to replicate this pattern. Each key is represented by its own knot.

As seen above, there are basically three types of keys we need to represent:

  • the black key, which is made by crossing the two black core cords and one white one, for a total of three. We make the half hitch after the third cord form the black side.
  • the white key between the black keys, represented by a white half hitch, made by crossing two white core cords and one black one from the white end.
  • the two white keys in a row, made by crossing all four cords with the white cord.

In short, you have the long white keys which wrap 4 cords, and the black and white keys which trap 3 cords. The white ones that wrap 3 keys are located between black keys.

Can you guess how we make this bracelet now? Let’s see some images, those always clear things up!

piano bar paracord bracelet

A video tutorial is also available. Try the video below to see how it is made. The following tutorial features the use of buckles, which you can grab here.

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