slip on paracord bracelet

Slip on paracord bracelet

In this tutorial I demonstrate how to make a slip on paracord bracelet.

Some may enjoy the ease with which you can put these bracelets on and off, while others just like the look. This is a paracord bracelet without a buckle, which is easy to wear, plus you save up on supplies!slip on paracord bracelets

I am going to demonstrate the style that I make, which is made using the crown knot, You can naturally modify this tutorial and use any other braid or weave you would like on your slip on bracelet.

I find this project quite fun (I have tied three so far, it is quite addicting :)). I have also in the past used the crown knot to make a crown knot keychain, a tutorial which may come in handy if you are having trouble with the knot.

A few more images of these bracelets:


So, let’s get started!


You will need the following:

  • paracord 550, I used 4 pieces of gutted cord (inner strands removed). I recommend using 3.5-4 feet of cord for your first one
  • a piece of wire to hold the shape of your bracelet. Petra Ito, a fellow paracordist recommended cutting up old wire hangers. I used garden wire.
  • scissors and lighter
  • nose pliers or hemostat to tighten the ends with

With the supplies at the ready, Let’s move on to the tutorial.



Slip on paracord bracelet tutorial

The bracelet is made in a few steps:

  1. first we tie a turk’s terminal knot or any other stopper knot using the 4 cords (you could also use a Matthew Walker knot¬†or a double lanyard knot)
  2. we then make a crown knot
  3. into the first crown knot we insert our piece of wire and tighten the knot up
  4. we continue making crown knots, with the wire acting as the core, one on top of the next, until we reach the length of the bracelet that we would like. Tighten knots firmly
  5. finish with another turk’s head terminal or other stopper knots
  6. tighten the stopper knots by using nose pliers. Pull hard to really lock in the ends
  7. cut the excess cords on the ends
  8. bend the bracelet into shape.

Since not all know the crown knot, I whipped up a tutorial on tying it below:

crown knot tutorial

I feel that it is good to also see the bracelet being made, I also made a video on the entire tying process:

About Markwell

I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.


  1. hello,

    I like your tutorial… but what kind of a wire do I need to make this bangle..???


    • Hey!

      Well that is something you need to test out. It needs to be rigid, but still able to bend. I used gardening wire, but I have heard people also have great success using bicycle spokes.


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