hexagonal paracord cross

Hexagonal paracord cross tutorial

Time to take a look a how to make this hexagonal shape cross.

I have been very excited to try the hexagonal shape, which is in short a variation of the box knot. In this article I will show you a few hints how you can use this technique to make a paracord cross, but the technique itself has quite a few applications, especially in keychain, lanyard and other decorative designs.

Supplies that you need

In order to make this type of cross, all you really need is:


The technique and tutorial

The best way to describe this technique is as a cross between a box knot and a crown sinnet. Because 3 cords are used, the technique makes use of a box knot, to which we add the third cord diagonally, just like we do with crown sinnets.

I find this design quite practical and it can be further developed to an octagonal shape using 4 cords (for fans of UFC!). In any case, this is a nice way to make a six sided, three color box knot variation.

The only other tip I would like to give you is to tighten the knots firmly and in order you set up your knot. First you tighten the first cord, then the second and then third. Before moving on, try to check everything is in order, when working with 6 cords mistakes do happen!

See the tutorial and video below to see how this type of cross is made!

paracord cross tutorial

I recommend you also take a look at the tutorial from J.D found below, who shows you a neat way of finishing these crosses, as well as how to connect the side parts and make the top and bottom.

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