How to make a knitting spool

This time I am quite excited to show you how to make a knitting spool.

Spool knitting paracord has become quite popular (mainly from the works of David Hopper). Not only is it fun, it produces breathtaking results. It is easy to do and fast. But where can you get the tools for the job?

Well, naturally you can buy a  beautiful spool tool online and that will work. But making one yourself has quite a few benefits you should consider:

  • it is cheap and easy to make
  • you can make it in a few minutes
  • it is custom made, so you can control many aspects of the tool
  • the number of pins and the length can be adjusted at any time
  • you can choose the hole diameter
  • it is high quality, hand made by YOU 🙂

I have seen people make these tools by hammering nails into wooden spools. It is a way to do it, but I like to have an adjustable tool so I can add and remove pins as I please.

Now, let me show you how to make a spool tool, my way.

Supplies needed

  • a PVC pipe (can also be metal or wooden spool). The diameter depends on your preference and needs. If you have not used this technique before, use a 1.5 inch one (basically anything from 1.25 inches to 2 will work just fine)!
  • two liner hose clamps
  • three hairpins or cotter pins
  • a screwdriver

Supplies you will need: Hose clamps, hairpins, PVC pipe.

I like to use hairpins because they can be found in almost any household.Other two items needed are also widely available.

 The process

To make the knitting spool simply follow these few steps:

  1. attach the pins onto the PVC pipe
  2. place the hose clamps over the pins and pipe
  3. use a screwdriver to tighten the hose clamps
  4. spool tool

  5. enjoy your spool knitting tool (the most important step!)

    spool knitting paracord

    Enjoy your knitting!

A video on making the spool:

About Markwell

I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.

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