celtic button knot

How to tie a Celtic button knot

In this tutorial I showcase the Celtic button knot.

When doing some research on paracord lanyards I came across a knot I have put off learningĀ for quite some time. This tutorial will finally show you how to tie the Celtic button knot.

Why is the knot so special?

This is a must learn knot for any paracord craftsman. The primary use for this knot is as a stopper knot, similar to the lanyard knot. The main difference is that the lanyard knot is tied using two cords. The Celtic knot on the other hand can be tied using a single cord, which makes it ideal for finishing certain paracord projects. It is very similar in looks to the lanyard knot, which is also a plus!

Now, let’s tie his tie!

Celtic button knot tutorial

For this knot you will need a single cord/rope. The knot is ties by making two loops. Then you weave through the cords set up by the two loops (going over, then under and so on) and in the second pass going over the first cord, under the second two and through the middle hole. See the images below to get a picture of how the Celtic button knot is tied.

celtic button knot instructions

A video tutorial is also available for the knot:

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