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How to make a paracord grenade

Time to show of the paracord grenade!

In this short tutorial I will show you how to make a paracord grenade. Not to be confused with a paracord germ grenade which is a wrap for a hand sanitizer, the paracord grenade is a survival item (sometimes also called a survival grenade). In essence it has a core made out of survival items which are then wrapped with paracord to produce the survival grenade.

Why the paracord grenade?

I decided to make this tutorial for two reasons. One is that this is a very popular item that sells quite well. The second is that many people who make these paracord grenades the wrong way!

Most if not all the paracord grenade tutorials suggest using the cobra knot with the paracord. This gives it the look we want, but it is not a quick deploy method at all! It takes time to use the paracord, which is what I do not want out of my survival items. The method I used to make my paracord grenade is the quick deploy version of the cobra knot which I featured in my tutorial on the quick deploy solomon bar. It is fairly fast to do, but it does require patience.

When I made my first paracord grenade I was not happy with the result. It did its job of storing paracord, but it looked ugly. To get the best look for the grenade you will need to carefully place the knots. This is done by pushing them together as much as you.

I did recommend using at least 3 layers of paracord for the grenade, although four are even better.


The basic supplies for making a survival grenade are the following:

With those supplies you have the basics for the survival grenade. At this point you should consider what do you want to integrate into the grenade for your survival needs. Common survival supplies used are the following:

  • tin foil to wrap the contents with. I recommend you see the numerous uses for tin foil, who knew it is that useful for survival!
  • a fire starter
  • a small blade or razor
  • a fishing kit
  • tinder to help make fire
  • a wire saw (I have not seen many people use this, but it is a nifty little item!)

The great part in making your own paracord grenade is that you can decide exactly what you want in it, that is why it is a lot better than just buying one (you can buy one on Amazon for example if you are feeling lazy though!).

All of that being said, the benefit of making a paracord grenade using my method is that it is quick deploy which means you can use it in a few seconds. Try to unravel a king cobra knot bracelet and see how long this takes you! My method does it in under 10 seconds!

The tutorial

Now let’s see how to make a paracord grenade:

  1. take a large, single piece of paracord (the length depends on the amount of things you want to store in the grenade).  Count on making a total of at least three passes up and down with the cord. Fold the cord in half and attach the cord to a carabiner at the middle using a larks head knot.
  2. wrap your survival items with tin foil
  3. place the items in the middle of the two cords and cover it with a series of quick deploy cobra knots

The whole process is that simple! The biggest problem, at least on my end was to make the grenade look good. Do not be frustrated if you do not get it perfectly the first time. Keep at it and you will become a pro in no time!

Now for a few images of the whole process:

paracord grenade

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