wide turk's head knot

Tying wide turk’s head knots

In this tutorial we take a look at how to tie wide turk’s head knots.

The wide turk’s head knot is a very valuable tool. It has more bights than parts, meaning it is wider than it is long.

A wide turk's head.

A wide turk’s head.

These knots have many decorative uses, but the main one I’d like to point out is the use they have in tying turk’s head knot bracelets.

In any case, wide turk’s head knots are tied by first tying a base knot and then (optionally) expanding it.

As an example I will show you how to tie 3 part wide turk’s heads first.

Tying the 3 part wide turk’s head

There are two styles of a wide 3 part turk’s head that you need to master. Each produces a 3 part turk’s head, but the bight number is different.

Style 1

The first “style” produces the:

  • 3L5B turk’s head
  • 3L8B turk’s head
  • 3L11B turk’s head
  • and so on.

As you can observe, this technique increments the bights by 3 every time we expand the knot.

See how this technique is done in the video below:

Style 2

The second tying “style” is very similar to the first one, but it produces a different number of bights. As such it produces the:

  • 3L4B turk’s head
  • 3L7B turk’s head
  • 3L10B turk’s head
  • and so on.

Again, we increment the bights by 3 when “expanding” the knot.

See how this one is done below:

Enlarging the wide 3 part turk’s head knot

A 5 part turk's head, doubled.

A 5 part turk’s head, doubled.

Once you have tied one of the 3 part turk’s head knots, you can double or triple it and call it a day. Or you could enlarge the knot. A proper enlargement process will add bights as well as parts to your knot.

Specifically, using an enlargement process on a 3 part turk’s head knot will make it a 5 park turk’s head. If you used the same process again you would get a 7 part turk’s head and so on.

The enlargement process is the same as with any square turk’s head. Basically, you lay the tracks and split them. This is shown in the tutorial below:

So guys, I hope this tutorial helps you create a variety of useful wide turk’s head knots! These are really useful so be sure to keep an eye out for the next few tutorials where we put these knots to use!

About Markwell

I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.


  1. Mark,
    Just your teaching style and tone of your voice gives me the confidence to try more difficult knots. I am customizing my Indian motorcycle using leather lace rather than paranoid. I will post some pictures when I actually complete something. Thank you for the time and effort that you have put into these tutorials.

  2. Your tutorials are amazing! I plan to use it for jewelry making ­čÖé thank you!

  3. is’t possible to make a 3 lead 6 bigth turk head?
    and a nine leads?

    • Hey Martin!

      You can not make a 3L6B turk’s head, neither a 9L6B one. The bights and the leads have a common divisor, in this case 3.
      You could make a 3L5B or a 3L7b. And a 9L5B or a 9L7B one.


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