Paracord pineapple

How do you like them apples? Pinapples that is :).

So, I stumbled upon a paracord pineapple made by Leslie Steiner and I decided to to make my own version. It can be used as a keychain.


It was surprisingly fun to do, especially since I enjoy eatingĀ pineapples.

I made the pineapple using the pineapple knot for even more pinappleyness (not an actual word). I interwove a 4 bight turk’s head.

Since the main parts of this tutorial are turk’s heads and interweaves, I have decided to make a video tutorial on this one.


Still, I’d like to describe how it is made.


All you need is the following:

  • paracord. I used 3 colors (yellow, light brown and green). You can get away by making the entire pineapple yellow though and using only 2 colors
  • a lacing needle. You can make your own fairly easily
  • mandrel
  • lighter
  • scissors

So, how to make it?


The pineapple is made by first tying a base knot. This is a 4 bight turk’s head done with two turns around the mandrel at the start.

Then a type 1 pineapple knot is interwoven into the base knot.

We then take the green cord and fold it into a bunch of loops. These loops are then inserted into the knot to make a core. Make sure that the loops stick out from the top, they will form the leaves.

The knot is then tightened around the loops.

Finally, the leaves are made by cutting all the loops but one (for the keychain loop). Gut the ends (remove the inner strands) and melt them.

Pineapple done!

Still, writing about it may only help some. So I made a full video as well:

I hope this helps,

enjoy this fun lil’ project!


About Markwell

I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.

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