spider stitch

Spider stitch

In this tutorial I show you the spider stitch.
This simple stitch is a nice way of decorating a paracord bracelet. It is simple, quick and uses very little cord to do.

I saw this stitch made by Jordan Frazier and had to give it a go. It turned out well and I think quite a few of you can see how to do it by just looking at a few images of the end product. Still, a full tutorial is available below. This stitch can be built upon and modified if you want to play around more.

spider stitch

So, let’s first see what you need.


  • a cobra knot bracelet. This is the bracelet we are going to stitch.
  • micro cord. 1 foot (30 cm) of cord is enough.
  • lacing needle comes in handy to guide your cord through the bracelet.
  • scissors and a lighter are used to cut and melt our cord.

The tutorial

After tying a cobra knot bracelet we attach our piece of micro cord onto the lacing needle.


Basic setup before stitching. Bracelet, cord and lacing needle.


We begin on the underside of the bracelet. We bury our cord under a few sections.


The cord on the underside, secured under a few cords.


Bring the cord to the top of the bracelet through a cobra knot.


Pass to the other side, in between two cobra knots.


Travel under the bracelet through the cobra knot on the other side.


Then travel to the other side in between two cobra knots, creating an X.


Come up in between the two strands of the core.


Cross over the X and back down through the two strands of the core.


And back up through the two core strands below the X.


Over the X for a second time passing through the two core strands. This doubles up the first strand and creates the body of the spider.


Come up on the side of the spider through the cobra knot.


Across the body and back down, in between two cobra knots.


And back up, through a cobra knot on the other side.


Across the body for a second time and through, in between two cobra knots.


On the bottom again bury the end under a few sections to secure it. Cut and melt the end and you are done!

Enjoy your new, spider themed bracelet!
You can also see the stitch being made in the video below:

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I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.

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