lambda knot

Lambda knot

In this quick tutorial we will learn how to tie the Lambda knot.The knot is also known as the ABoK number 554. It is a neat little decorative knot that has a place on lanyards, keychains, necklaces and basically everywhere where you are working with a single strand.

It has a sort of trefoil look, so in a way it could also represent a clover. It is also very similar to the cloverleaf knot.

In any case, this is an easy knot to tie. Try the tutorial below and if you have any issues, the video should clear everything up!

Lambda knot tutorial

All you really need is a strand of cord. We will only be working with one end of it.

lambda-knot-tutorial (1 of 6)

The starting position. Our working end is at the bottom.

lambda-knot-tutorial (2 of 6)

Place the bottom cord into the left bight.

lambda-knot-tutorial (3 of 6)

Then use the same cord to go under and through the top loop.

lambda-knot-tutorial (4 of 6)

Then over the top and through the bottom bight.

lambda-knot-tutorial (5 of 6)

Then loop around the bottom bight. This completes the ABoK 554.

lambda-knot-tutorial (6 of 6)

To make the knot more practical I usually run the working end through the middle, between the two top loops.

This makes it much more practical.

And the video tutorial:


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