Rainbow paracord bracelet

This time I show you one of the most popular rainbow paracord bracelet designs.

Lately I have been posting a lot of projects related to rainbow colors. From the tutorials on coloring paracord with Kool Aid and fabric dye, to the soon to be released rainbow bracelet showcases, I have begun to consider if I have some Irish blood in me. Is it because I want the pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow, or is it my (platonic) love for leprechauns?

In any case, I finally got around to making a very simple, yet in my opinion a very good looking bracelet. I was glad to see how it turned out and I churned out a few because they are so fun to make. They seem to be one of the best ways for using up some scraps of paracord laying around which you are too cheap/wise to throw away.

I’ll say a few words on making these in the following segments.

What do I need?

– I used the solomon bar/cobra knot bracelet technique as the base for making these bracelets

– you will also need some paracord scraps. I did not gut (remove the inner strands) these

– you will also need a lighter, scissors

– last thing I recommend is using a nail file or something to soften up the cord where you melt it, so it is more pleasant to the touch.

paracord rainbow bracelet

How to make a rainbow paracord bracelet

At first glance you might have assumed that I first did the bracelet, than inserted the scraps that form the rainbow colors. That probably works, but it is too much hassle. I simply insert the scraps when making the knots. This way they sit in well and tight. I try to insert them diagonally, meaning I leave a knot free in between the top and bottom row. After I have done the bracelet, I snip the scraps of any extra cord and melt them on.

Now let’s take a look at the process in image:

how to make a paracord rainbow bracelet


***Disclaimer*** I have never studied rainbows to the extent of knowing all the colors they contain. To those that did, I sincerely apologize for leaving colors out.

The video for the bracelet is also available here:

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I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.

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