quick deploy cobra bracelet

Quick deploy solomon bar bracelet

This time I show off the quick deploy version of the solomon bar bracelet.

Most of us started paracord crafts using the cobra knot/solomon bar. It is familiar and for many a go-to knot. When everything fails, this knot is there to save the day.

When it comes to survival though, the regular cobra knot bracelet underperforms against bracelets like the millipede survival bracelet. The reason why is that it is really hard to undo in a timely manner, while the millipede is unraveled in 5 seconds.

Why quick deploy solomon bar?

I really like the cobra knot. I find that many people market their cobra knot bracelets as survival bracelets. I find that to be hardly the case. It is quite amusing to watch Youtube videos where people try to deploy a regular cobra knot! Most likely the video will be on fast forward :).

In any case, the variant of the solomon bar I will show you keeps the same look, but it enables you to deploy it in 5 seconds.

How to make a quick deploy solomon bar

Just like most of the quick deploy ties, the solomon bar variant is simple to make. It does take some practice and some adjustment, but the result is well worth it!

The basic steps for making this bracelet are:

  • attach a piece of cord to the core using a cobra knot
  • make a bight with one cord and slide it under the central cords
  • make another bight and slide it through the first bight and over the central cords
  • tighten the knot by pulling on the first cord used
  • repeat the process
  • finish the bracelet using a lanyard knot

The standard supplies of paracord 550, a lighter and something to cut the cord are needed.

The instructions above may sound confusing, that is why I have prepared a step by step image tutorial below. Enjoy!

quick deploy solomon bar bracelet

There is a tutorial on the technique on Youtube as well, see the following video:

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