Innomiknot- the knot without a name

In this tutorial I show you how to tie the Innomiknot.

This is a rare knot. It is featured in The knot bible by Nic Compton. Supposedly the knot was used in the Pacific to tie down airplanes. Since the knot is a hitch and a secure one at that, this could indeed be the case. It has two distinctive features, well worth mentioning:

  • the knot is fast and easy to tie
  • it is a quick release knot, which you can untie in a moment.

Some attention is also given to the name, the “Innomiknot”. In Latin it should mean something like “the knot without a name”. Alas, this is something I can not confirm, my Latin is fairly non existent. But if the name of “the knot without a name” is Innomiknot, does it not have a name? This sort of a paradox is sure to cause an infinite loop on at least some computers :).

In any case, the knot is practical, easy to tie and untie and a fun one to know. So, let’s take a look at how to tie it!

Tying the knot

Below you can find both a photo and a video tutorial on the knot.

Take a cord and pass it under the object. In my case a rail.

Pass over the top of the rail onto the left side of the standing end.

Pull out the cord on the top and twist it for a total of 360 degrees- a full turn.

Pass the working end under the standing end.

Using your working end create a bight.

Pass the bight into the top loop.

Tighten up the knot by pulling on the standing end. Voila, the Innomiknot!

A video tutorial is available here:

About Markwell

I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.

One comment

  1. Clever! As former aircrew, I can see the use for this knot, but not for securing an airplane. The problem comes in the finish. If you’re tightening the knot by pulling the slack into the standing end (which, presumably, leads to the aircraft) then you’ve just negated its usefulness. Slack in the line is bad juju for loads subject to wind/waves/wandering. I can see it as a secure way to tie up a horse at the rail before walking into the saloon though. As to a name, I submit The Necronomiknot. Because if you lose an airplane after using this knot to secure it, your commander is going to kill you!

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