mystic knot

Mystic knot- the Pan Chang knot

In this tutorial we will learn how to tie the Mystic knot.
This knot is also known as the 2×2 Pan Chang knot in Chinese knotting. I have learned it as the Mystic knot though from The knot bible, a book by Nic Compton.

It is a mostly decorative knot that you can place on various items, necklaces come to mind immediately. It is a flat knot.

pan chang knot

The trick, like in many decorative knots is in the tightening of the knot.

Let’s take a look at the tying process!

Mystic knot tutorial

The items that I usually use to practice the knot are the following:

  • Cord. In the tutorial below I use 7 feet of paracord 550. This is more than you need, but the knot uses a lot of slack before you tighten it up.
  • pins to hold the knot while I am tying it.
  • a surface to stick pins into. Cardboard, a cork board or even wood will work well.

Now, the tying process! Below you can find a photo, as well as a video tutorial.

Take your cord and fold it in half. I recommend pulling a bit more cord into the left end (at least a foot- 30 cm). We will be using the left end more than the right end.

Create two more bights, one with each end, facing down.

With the right end make a bight and weave it through the bights. Under-over-under-over.

Make a second bight with the right end and again weave it under-over-under-over.

With the left end pass over 4 at the top.

Then back to the left under 4.

Repeat again at the bight below. Over 4.

Then back to the left, under 4.

Then weave up to the top. Under-over 3-under-over 3.

And back down. Under 2-over-under 3-over-under.

Repeat with the bight on the right. Towards the top, under-over 3-under-over 3.

And down, under 2-over-under 3-over-under. The knot is tied.

Now, slowly and gradually tighten the knot up. The tightening is the most important part!

Below you can find a video demonstration of the knot:

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