paracord bottle opener lanyard

How to make a paracord bottle opener lanyard

In this quick tutorial I will show you how to make a turk’s head lanyard, which I used on a bottle opener.

Although the bottle opener I wanted to decorate with paracord came with a chain I chose to make a paracord lanyard for it. Paracord is a lot more durable than a flimsy chain in any case.

One of the designs that I have eluded for long enough was a two bight long turk’s head lanyard. The knot is in fact extremely easy to tie, even for someone who knows nothing of turk’s head knots.

Supplies used

With those items ready, the easy part is ahead!

The paracord lanyard tutorial

The knot is made by placing one end of the paracord inside the tube- the part of a pen. We attach a lacing needle to the other end, then start wrapping the tube three times. When done, reverse direction and wrap back, forming three x-shapes. After that wrap again towards the right, following under the first wrap. Finally, use the lacing needle to weave back in an under-over fashion. Start between the other two cords that run back (essentially where they go under, you go over, and vice versa). When done, remove the tube/pen and pull both ends to the other side. This will create a loop on one end and allow you to attack the keyring on the other. I used a pair of nose pliers to tighten the knot as firmly as I could.

The image tutorial:

paracord lanyard tutorial

If you need some help with the knot, Dman made an excellent video tutorial:



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