eternity knot

How to tie an eternity knot

In this tutorial I show you how to tie the eternity knot.

The eternity knot is an ornamental knot that symbolizes a never ending cycle. If you look at the shape you can quickly recognize the eternity symbol on it.

Uses for the knot

The knot is decorative. As such it fits well on necklaces and lanyards. As seen in the image above, it also symbolizes the cross, so you can use the knot to make mini crosses! What comes to my mind when looking at the knot is that it would make a perfect zipper pull.

The tutorial

This is one of those knots where I think the images tell a better story than I could writing it. As such I invite you to see the images below and make the knot following the step by step guide. The knot looks complicated, but it is in fact very fast to make.

eternity knot instructions

A tutorial on the knot if your prefer video:

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