paracord can coozie

How to make a paracord can coozie

Today I will show you a very popular way of making a can coozie or water bottle wrap. I have done quite a bit of work with water bottle wraps and various hitching techniques in my tutorials. But this technique has not been shown much in tutorials, so I decided to make a tutorial for it. Naturally it is featured in quite a few books. I gained an insight into this type of hitching in The complete book of decorative knots by Geoffrey Budworth. He refers to these hitches as vertical stitched rows, which does indeed describe the technique. Basically this technique can be used to make anything from wraps to pouches.

The coozie when used as a pouch:
paracord pouchparacord pouch

What I used

To make this paracord can coozie/pouch I used the following supplies:

celtic button knots

A look at the celtic button knots used to finish the cord ends.

How to make a paracord can coozie

First off I took a separate, shorter piece of cord that is used to tighten the coozie at the neck. I secured it with a cord lock and finished the ends using celtic button knots. Naturally you could choose any other knot such as the lanyard knot. I then began making the rest by attaching a cord onto the smaller, neck cord and begun hitching. I spaced out the hitches evenly and after the first row was complete, I began a second row, making the hitches behind the hitches in the previous row. The process reminds me of making a series of ringbolt hitches around a can. Keep making the same hitches, even when you reach the bottom. When the hitches all meet at the bottom center I cut the cord and melted it. With that the coozie is complete and ready for use. It can also serve as a nice pouch!

Top view.

Top view.

Bottom view.

Bottom view.

Now for the tutorial:

how to make a paracord can coozie

A video tutorial on the technique can be found here:

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