3 color interweave

3 color interweave

Let’s take a look at an interesting three color interweave!
This knot is simply known as a “3 color interweave”. It is featured in the book by Ron Edwards called Round knots.

We usually make a colorful turk’s head knot by adding more passes to a knot. This makes it much larger. It also requires a bit of knowledge and time to make.

This interweave though is made completely different. It has 3 distinct colors done on three different parts of the knot.


3 color interweave in rasta colors.

I found this to be an interesting knot to show you, so I created a video tutorial, found below.

It is fun to make knot that has a look I really like.

The interweave, tightened on a wine bottle cork.

The interweave, tightened on a wine bottle cork.

How to tie the 3 color interweave

The interweave is made in a fairly simple way. All you need to tie the knot is some paracord (I gutted and flattened mine), a lacing needle and a mandrel (dowel rod or PVC pipe).

We start by tying a base knot. In my case that was the 5L4B turk’s head. We then add a type 1 interweave to the base knot. This takes care of the center color (yellow in my example).

Then the edges are interwoven using a simple technique which I demonstrate in the video below:

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